About Black In Tulum 

Black In Tulum is the flagship brand of Black In Travel.


Black In Tulum is the first and ONLY community for minority travelers to come together and vibe where the jungle meets the sea. As a collective of creatives, we come together to provide resources, recommendations, exclusive events, and memorable experiences for melanated travelers in Tulum!


With a community of over 20k members, B.I.T has made a huge positive impact on the locals and local businesses by bringing in high numbers of travelers to the area amidst the pandemic, when local businesses were closed and had no patrons. 


Our members educate one another by sharing local news, historical facts about Tulum and members share their experiences and give recommendations for everything from restaurants, hotels, Airbnb, excursions, etc. All of the resources available in the group empower non-travelers to feel more comfortable and make a better-informed decision to book their flights and accommodations to explore Tulum and the Quintana Roo area.


The group provides necessary information, resources and a safe space for a successful trip! 

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